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February 14 – 6:00 PM  Valentine Dinner – Catered meal in our fellowship hall.  Cost will  be $12.50 per person and everyone is invited.  More information and signup sheet to follow.





Youth Group


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January 24 – 6:00 PM – Annual Buddy Wilson Oyster Stew and hot dog supper. Sign up sheet in Narthex





News and Events

Prayer List

John Carpenter (At Home now)  Bruce Kiser,    Charlie Deason, Carolyn Kiser, Phyllis Trapp, Brenda Payseur,  Pat Bicknase, Cindy Morgan, Joy Carpenter, Dean Rhyne, Evelyn Miles, Drenda Smith, Shirley & L.E. Payseur, Danny Canipe, Tammie Jones, Sue Haynes, Sherian Grindstaff, Evan Reed, Felicia Hagerty, Madeline Mercado, Rae Heskin, Sonya Irey; Pastor and Mrs. Rick Sloope, Phil Toler, Erica Miller, Steven Rickert, Cancer;  Mickey Lineberger, Ann Dellinger, Andy Lineberger ,Our missionaries, Victory Ministry,  Amanda Massie, Bette Brown , Kitty Heller, Joy Sellers Laws,  Grace Haynes, Hugh Kiser, Cancer,    Bill Blanton, Lung , Larry Whaley, Carroll Johnson (Sue’s Husband), Our Military, for those unemployed and looking for jobs, our allies and enemies and for world Peace  Our 10 Mission District Seminarians, including Amy Carpenter.


Let Pastor Steve or Elaine Kiser know of changes



Please keep our 10 Mission District Seminarians, including Amy Carpenter, in your prayers as they continue to be faithful to God’s calling.




We would like to update the prayer chain.  Please contact Diane Carpenter
(704-735-9890) in the next few weeks if you would like to be added to or deleted from either the morning or evening prayer chain. Also, let them know if you would like to be moved from morning to evening or vice versa. Please consider adding your name to our prayer chain so you can be a part of this important ministry of our church.


Good News And Information

Attn: Golden Agers:   If you will be 70 years old during 2015, please let Wanda Huffstetler know as she prepares the Prayer Partners list for the new year.  Please also give her your Dates of Birth and Wedding Anniversary date.

BUILDING FUND ENVELOPES -  We now have envelopes for the Building Fund Offering.  These will help our Treasurer keep the offerings separate from the general offering. Please see Prue Carpenter or one of the Ushers for these envelopes.



Just a reminder – If you would like to reserve the Fellowship Hall or Parish House for special family events, please remember to put this on the Calendar in the Fellowship Hall or speak with Nita.



Bulletin Announcements:  Please have announcements to the bulletin to Elaine or Pastor Steve by Tuesday evening. We are now preparing the bulletin on Wednesday morning.




Here is a link to the NALC website.  Please take a look at it for Updates and Newsletter info concerning the NALC





The Worship and Music Committee will begin work on the List of those serving in various positions during our Worship Services.  If you would like to add your name to assist in any way or wish to have your name removed, please see Prue Carpenter as soon as possible. The responsibilities of our Ushers, Acolytes, Greeters and Nursery attendance are very important and we hope everyone will volunteer in some way as we serve God in these jobs.






The people of Bethel are willing to Serve as Jesus commanded us to do.  There are many in our congregation that occasionally need a helping hand with minor repairs around their homes or work outside that they are no longer physically able to handle on their own.  There is a sheet in the Narthex where you can list such needs.  We hope to be able to branch out in our community in the future to also our serve our neighbors needs. If you know of such a need, please also list this on the sheet. 



 4 Teachers are needed…..Bethel has a need for more Sunday School

teachers in the Adult, Young Adult, High school and 4th and 6th Grade Classes.   Rally Day is coming up in September and we would like to have teachers for all classes. Please prayerfully consider how you can serve in our congregation in this way.




Taking Faith Home – Insert in this Week’s Bulletin for personal devotional readings






Thank you.  The following letter was received from Ted Murray, Case Management Supervisor with the Gaston County Health & Human Services Department….   “Thank you for your concern for the elderly and disabled citizens of Gaston County.  Your generous help in the Senior Christmas Gift project is so very thoughtful and will make holiday wishes come true.  Through this partnership with the GC Dept of Social Services, we can work together to meet the needs of our community.”


Once again during the month of January, our food product will be directed to the annual “Souper Bowl”.  These soups will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club in Bessemer City.  Their favorites are

Chicken Noodle, Chicken and Rice and Tomato.  Since soup is often served




January 21 10:00 AM – Moring Bible Study – Seeking

God in Proverbs  


January 21 – 6:00 – 7:30  - Youth Meeting in Parish House



January 22- 11:00 – Widow-Widower Luncheon


 January 24 – 6:00 PM – Annual Buddy Wilson Oyster Stew and hot dog supper. Sign up sheet in Narthex


January 25 – Immediately following 11:00 Worship Service.

“Burger Burn”  for Young Adult Sunday School Class.  Everyone between 18 and 35, please plan to join us for lunch and prepare for Sunday School Class in 2015.


February 14 – 6:00 PM  Valentine Dinner – Catered meal in our fellowship hall.  Cost will  be $12.50 per person and everyone is invited.  More information and signup sheet to follow.





January 21 – 6:00 – 7:30  - Youth Meeting in Parish House



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